• 2023年1月27日

teaching will be your study

The reason I learn theThe reason I learn the most from teaching is that the output of what I have learned is more vividly remembered. So teaching someone else is a review of the studies you have learn […]

  • 2023年1月8日

love begins with just a small expectation

A casual gesture or one word can be the beginning of love. Be sure not to miss the timing of your love crush. Mr.Fennec ほんの小さな期待があれば、恋は芽生える

  • 2022年11月9日

tell your love with a surprise beyond imagination

If you are shy or nervous, you will not convey your feelings well. Take the plunge and convey your feelings directly with a nice, cinematic surprise. Mr.Fennec 予想を超える驚きで、愛を伝えよう

  • 2022年10月6日

calm your mind and then look back at yourself

When considering things, you must first control your emotions. If we do not eliminate unnecessary emotions, such as impatience and anger, we will not achieve good results. Mr.Fennec 心を落ち着かせてから、自分を見つめ直 […]

  • 2022年10月2日

to connect your heart, exchange warm words

The most important thing in communication is consideration for the other person. Let’s shorten the distance between our hearts with heartfelt words. Mr.Fennec 心と心を結ぶには、温かい言葉をかわそう

  • 2022年9月26日

exit to hesitation is entrance to the future

When we begin to question or think deeply, we are troubled as if we are lost in a maze. If we can break through this situation, we can move forward with hope and courage. Mr.Fennec 迷いの出口は、未来への入り口

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