• 2022年12月11日

others do not care as much as you care

We are always concerned about how the other person sees us. Surprisingly, however, the other person doesn’t care that much, so let’s get rid of our self-conscious vanity. Mr.Fennec 自分が気にする […]

  • 2022年7月3日

don’t compromise until it feels right

If you indulge yourself, you will conveniently interpret the situation and make no further effort. You must have the ability to face the situation thoroughly without standing still. Mr.Fennec しっくりくるまで […]

  • 2022年6月2日

sometimes you need to praise yourself

Complimenting does not mean that you can be pampered. Let’s use it as a vital force to move forward one step further when it’s difficult. Mr.Fennec ときには自分自身を褒めることも必要

  • 2022年4月21日

nothing starts until you start imagination

If you can’t imagine who you want to be, you won’t be able to go any further even you start doing something. First of all, let’s plan your goal to enjoy yourself. Mr.Fennec 想像しなきゃ、始ま […]

  • 2022年4月10日

move forward even by half a step

There is a big difference between “only half a step” and “another half a step”. When this “difference” accumulates, it results in an unfillable difference. Mr.fenne […]

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