Continuity is power.

  • 2023年2月13日

to stay healthy is also an ability

It is always better to be healthy than to push yourself too hard and lose your health. Maintain sustainable health by not missing out on moderate exercise. Mr.Fennec 健康を維持するのも才能

  • 2023年1月27日

teaching will be your study

The reason I learn theThe reason I learn the most from teaching is that the output of what I have learned is more vividly remembered. So teaching someone else is a review of the studies you have learn […]

  • 2023年1月4日

your hard work is not trivial

You may feel uncool or pointless if you are working hard toward a dream or goal but  when you can’t achieve it. However, what is important is not what people around you think, but what you yours […]

  • 2022年12月30日

small things add up to big results

By continuing to work hard, you can achieve tremendous results. Only those who have not underestimated the small daily efforts and have continued to work hard will be rewarded with opportunities. Mr.F […]

  • 2022年12月23日

the fun is fun to wait for

There is a lot of fun in waiting for something. The fun already starts when you begin to be aware of the schedule. Mr.Fennec 楽しみは、待っている時間も楽しい

  • 2022年12月18日

believing in Santa is more fun

No matter how old you are, you can always believe. Santa is there to bring happiness and gratitude not only to you, but to everyone. Mr.Fennec サンタはいると信じた方が、楽しみが増える

  • 2022年11月25日

even if you are laughed at, you will be strong

People mock you because they want to give themselves an advantage over those who have failed or are not good at what they do. If you continue without giving up even if they laugh at your efforts, you […]

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