• 2023年1月14日

if you get sick, enjoy your recovery

There must be a reason why you feel sick, but first of all, don’t think about it, eat and sleep. Don’t be in a hurry or depressed, and you will find that your health will improve little by […]

  • 2022年11月21日

wake up from conceit by failing

Vanity and egotism not only cause discomfort to others, but also make us careless of our own minds. In good times, control your emotions and be humble. Mr.Fennec 失敗して、うぬぼれから目を覚まそう

  • 2022年9月5日

experience of failure will recover you quickly

Everyone recovers from failure and depression at different speeds. Learn the habit of changing your mind quickly and develop a strong will to recover from setbacks. Mr.Fennec 転んだ経験があれば、立ち直りも早い

  • 2022年8月17日

despair is a waste of time, so forget it

Worrying and being depressed about the reality of what has happened will not change anything. Let’s calmly review the situation in a different way and make a new plan from scratch. Mr.Fennec 絶望は […]

  • 2022年6月21日

never never never give up

Things do not always go smoothly. It is in times of severe adversity that we must be prepared to endure, persevere, and overcome. Mr.Fennec 粘って、粘って、ネバーギブアップ

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