• 2023年10月8日

heal your painful feelings in the bath

It is difficult to calm down when you feel like throwing everything away. At such times, soaking in a bath will warm you from the core and relieve stress through its relaxing effect. Mr.Fennec 辛い時は、ゆっ […]

  • 2023年8月18日

nunca nunca nunca te rindas

Hay momentos en los que no se está en buena forma. Es cuando te enfrentas a graves adversidades cuando debes estar preparado para aguantar, perseverar y vencer. Sr.Fennec 粘って、粘って、ネバーギブアップ

  • 2023年7月16日

being sulk is a waste of time

When you make a mistake or have a bad day, you may feel discouraged and feel like you are in a funk. At such times, accept the current situation honestly and do your best to stay positive. Mr.Fennec い […]

  • 2023年5月17日

break the chain of failure without rushing

Once you start failing, don’t you hate yourself for the unbelievable failures you keep making? You can recover quickly after a failure, and such emotional control can turn a pinch into an opport […]

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