• 2023年6月20日

haz lo mejor que puedas

Todas las personas de éxito son trabajadoras por naturaleza. Continúa hacienda lo mejor y te conducirá al éxito. Sr.Fennec 自分にできることを、ひたすらやる

  • 2023年3月9日

use your intuition to foresee bad lucks

You may think that bad luck and misfortune come out of the blue, but if you observe carefully and use your intuition on a daily basis, you can prevent them. Mr.Fennec 感を磨けば、不運は予知できる

  • 2023年1月16日

enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime meal

Everyday meals that look the same are not just meals. Taste each dish as if it were your first and last encounter with it. Mr.Fennec 食事との一期一会を楽しもう

  • 2022年10月27日

analyze the result and correct your behavior

It is common for things to not go as intended. What is needed is to be resourceful when results are not achieved and to come up with your own remedial measures. Mr.Fennec 結果を分析して、自分の行動を修正しよう

  • 2022年10月22日

doing nothing is the beginning of regret

Have you ever had the experience of being aware that things are not going to stay the same, but not taking action and doing nothing? Please know that doing nothing is not maintaining the status quo, b […]

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