• 2023年8月20日

do not waste time until it is too late

Have you ever been pressed for time when there should have been plenty of it? If you have time to regret the time that has passed, take action now. Mr.Fennec 手遅れになるまで時間を無駄にしない

  • 2022年9月9日

a day today worth two days tomorrow

Have you ever saved up a daily routine for days and tried to do it all at once in one day? It is many times easier, both quantitatively and mentally, to do it now without the hassle than to do it late […]

  • 2022年8月14日


やらなければならない大切なことと 自分で分かっていても、身体が動かず 先延ばしにしてしまうことはありませんか。 とにかく自分を励ましながら、まずは始めましょう。 ” start now rather than procrastinating and not starting ” フェネック先生  

  • 2022年7月24日

anxiety is usually imaginary fear

There is no end to worrying about anxieties that you have no control over. Don’t think too much about the future, but prepare for what you can do first, and get through the present with the spir […]

  • 2022年6月12日

good sleep starts a good day

Just because you are sleeping doesn’t mean that you are doing nothing. The next day has already begun as we recover from yesterday’s fatigue. Mr.Fennec よい睡眠は、 よい一日の始まり

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