• 2023年5月3日

just do what you are attracted to

It can be haphazard or on a whim. Rather than hesitate, act immediately when you suddenly feel the urge to do something. Mr.Fennec 惹かれたら、とりあえずやってみよう

  • 2022年11月4日

any way you walk will be your road

There are many ways, but it is important to just start and move forward. The more you move forward in your own way, the more your experience and abilities will grow. Mr.Fennec どんな歩き方でも、進めば道になる

  • 2022年10月20日

enjoy the effort rather than suffer

No matter how long you do it, if you don’t see results, you may lose motivation and give up. People who enjoy what they do will last longer and grow faster than those who hate doing it. Mr.Fenne […]

  • 2022年10月4日

continue doing something you like

Are you making excuses for not having time to do what you love because it’s too much trouble? Don’t lie to yourself and keep doing what you love. Mr.Fennec 何事も好きなことは、続けよう

  • 2022年7月10日

taking a break is important to reach the goal

Unless you are a robot, it is difficult to maintain a high pace all the time. Keep your own pace, stay in shape at key points, and complete the long road. Mr.Fennec ゴールまで走りきるには、息抜きが重要

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