• 2023年3月1日

traveling is worth it before and after

The joy of planning a trip and looking back on the memories of your experience is one of the best parts of traveling. Through discovery and surprise, it is also an opportunity to face oneself anew. Mr […]

  • 2022年12月17日

being with your friends will give you strength

Like love and friendship, it is important that we think of each other and cooperate to help each other. With a group of people who can work together, we can accomplish anything. Mr.Fennec 苦にならないのは、仲間が […]

  • 2022年8月27日

your action can make others move

Instead of passively waiting for others to take action, you must first take actual action yourself. Mr.Fennec まわりを動かしたければ、まず自分から

  • 2022年6月26日

every personality has its own character

No two personalities are the same, and there is no right or wrong answer. Know your individuality and determine where you can make the most of it. Mr.Fennec 誰の個性にも、持ち味はある

  • 2022年5月29日

love shoots through your heart

Put your love in casual gestures and words. Caring for people is the beginning of everything. Mr.Fennec ハートを撃ち抜くには、愛をこめて

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