do your best

  • 2023年3月3日

devise how you can get it if you want it

You can’t get what you want just by wanting it. Work backwards from your goals to figure out what you need to do. Mr.Fennec 欲しければ、どう手に入れるかを工夫しよう

  • 2023年1月28日

if you win the fight against yourself, praise yourself

Success is built on efforts that continue without a break. When you feel like you are losing, be courageous and continue to persevere. Mr.Fennec 自分との闘いに勝てたら、自分を誉めよう

  • 2023年1月20日

meal that satisfies your heart will not depress you

Have you ever felt down and felt energized after eating your favorite food? Smiles, energy, and strength all come from food. Mr.Fennec 心を満たす食事があれば、落ち込まない

  • 2023年1月19日

happy to be able to do your best for someone

Trying to help someone else can be the goal of hard work. Finding something to do that pleases someone else may be a shortcut to a fulfilling life. Mr.Fennec 誰かのために頑張れることは、幸せなこと

  • 2023年1月14日

if you get sick, enjoy your recovery

There must be a reason why you feel sick, but first of all, don’t think about it, eat and sleep. Don’t be in a hurry or depressed, and you will find that your health will improve little by […]

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