• 2023年8月26日

it is up to you to make it interesting or boaring

It is you who judge yourself as boring, uninteresting, and dull. With just a slight change in perspective and viewpoint, you can fill your days with happy smiles. Mr.Fennec 面白くするか、つまらなくするかは自分次第

  • 2023年6月7日

sigue persiguiendo tu pasión

¿Nunca pierdes la cabeza si piensas demasiado? En tal caso, vacía tu cabeza y sumérgete en lo que quieres hacer. Sr.Fennec 夢中を追い続けよう

  • 2023年5月22日

you can run away from useless things

Some people are so focused on the good things of others that they are asked to do so many things that they are unable to take time for themselves. Review the requests of others and your own wasted tim […]

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