• 2023年1月4日

your hard work is not trivial

You may feel uncool or pointless if you are working hard toward a dream or goal but  when you can’t achieve it. However, what is important is not what people around you think, but what you yours […]

  • 2022年8月29日

your effort will be rewarded

Hard work does not always produce results, but if you have the mentality to keep moving forward and never lose sight of yourself in any situation, you will always be able to accomplish something. Mr.F […]

  • 2022年8月13日

respond quickly to unexpected circumstances

How can you respond to unpredictable situations? Use your experience and imagination to get out of a difficult situation as quickly as possible. フェネック先生 予期していない出来事には、早めの対処

  • 2022年7月30日

comrades are the best friends

The more you have fought together, the more you will understand and support each other. If you share the same goals, the bond will be stronger. Mr.Fennec 戦友は、親友のはじまり

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