• 2023年1月10日

protecting the weak will make you stronger

We must be mentally and physically strong to save those who are in a weak position. Improve yourself with a kind heart that wants to help and protect. Mr.Fennec 弱い者をかばうことで、強くなれる

  • 2022年12月18日

believing in Santa is more fun

No matter how old you are, you can always believe. Santa is there to bring happiness and gratitude not only to you, but to everyone. Mr.Fennec サンタはいると信じた方が、楽しみが増える

  • 2022年12月14日

prepare and simulate to your satisfaction

Have you ever worked on something so hard that you have no excuse for failure? As long as you are prepared, you should have no regrets no matter what the outcome. Mr.Fennec 準備もシミュレーションも、納得いくまで

  • 2022年12月3日

even a small conceit can cause a stumble

Conceit and pretentiousness are nothing more than complacency. Develop genuine confidence without worrying about the interests of those around you. Mr.Fennec 小さなうぬぼれでも、つまづく原因になる

  • 2022年10月31日

seize your chance before you miss them

The moment you think you have the chance, you realize it’s gone. Be prepared on a daily basis and develop the ability to be spontaneous so that you do not miss the right moment. Mr.Fennec チャンスは逃 […]

  • 2022年10月14日

if you done your best, try your best to rest

When you are focused on work from morning to night, it is easy to neglect rest. Rest your body and mind well and start working hard again tomorrow. Mr.Fennec 今日を頑張った分、頑張って休もう

  • 2022年8月19日

be yourself without being swept away

When one is blaming someone or something else, one does nothing and thinks nothing. Think again about what you can do to be yourself. Mr.Fennec 人にも社会にも流されず、自分らしくいこう

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