• 2023年4月20日

nunca jamás quiero rendirme sin hacerlo

Puedes intentarlo y fracasar, pero no juzgues el fracaso antes de intentarlo. Solamente aquellos que no lo intentan tratan de excusarse todo el tiempo ! Sr.Fennec コメント

  • 2022年12月31日

never rush or regret the year you spent

What you will feel on this day is how fast the year has gone by. The hands of the clock will not turn back, but there are hopes and dreams  waiting ahead. Mr.Fennec 過ごした一年、焦ることも後悔することもない

  • 2022年11月27日

if you are smoldering, let it burn

When you are ready to take action, you may feel lost, anxious, and even jealous of the success of those around you. Please look at yourself now, imagining yourself in the future, and first gather as m […]

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