• 2023年1月28日

have a heart that feels happy in usual daily life

We all have our own moments of happiness, but the truth is that happiness exists even when we don’t feel it. Let’s cherish the happiness we don’t notice and make our lives more posit […]

  • 2023年1月19日

congrat have the power to relax people

Even a single, kind word can make others feel comfortable. Forget the pain and frustration and let the atmosphere be warm and happy. Mr.Fennec おめでとうの一言には、心をほぐす力がある

  • 2023年1月12日

being able to share feelings is the sign of a friend

It can be a bit lonely not being able to share your joys and sorrows with anyone. Would be nice to have a friend with whom you can share your feelings with. Mr.Fennec 感情を分かち合えるのは友の証

  • 2023年1月10日

protecting the weak will make you stronger

We must be mentally and physically strong to save those who are in a weak position. Improve yourself with a kind heart that wants to help and protect. Mr.Fennec 弱い者をかばうことで、強くなれる

  • 2023年1月8日

love begins with just a small expectation

A casual gesture or one word can be the beginning of love. Be sure not to miss the timing of your love crush. Mr.Fennec ほんの小さな期待があれば、恋は芽生える

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