• 2024年3月12日

not only reflect on your failures, but also laugh at them

It is easy to laugh at other people’s failures, but difficult to laugh at one’s own. Laughing at yourself means that you can look at your own failures objectively. フェネック先生 自分の失敗は反省だけでなく、笑い […]

  • 2024年3月11日

admitting defeat is the starting point for trying again

Defeat and failure are not bad things. If we can accept them properly, they can be a great experience for the next step in facing difficulties. Mr.Fennec 負けを認めることが、再挑戦の出発地点

  • 2024年3月6日

getting a good rest is a reward for yourself

Rest when you can before you work too hard and become exhausted. Consciously switch on and off to nourish yourself after hard work. Mr.Fennec しっかりと休むことが、自分へのご褒美

  • 2024年3月5日

despair is a sure foundation for recovery

If you fall down to the bottom, there is no point in calling it bad luck or misfortune. Even if you are defeated and humiliated, you should get up and keep walking forward. Mr.Fennec どん底は、立ち上がるための確かな土 […]

  • 2024年3月3日

si quieres resultados, mejora tus habilidades

En primer lugar, debes perfeccionar tus habilidades hasta el punto de obtener resultados. Para divertirte, es esencial que te esfuerces en perfeccionar tus habilidades mediante la práctica y la compet […]

  • 2024年3月1日


どんな小さなことでも工夫して、今までとは別のこともしてみよう。 変化させることで、かならず前進への取っ掛かりになります。 フェネック先生 don’t repeat today the same as yesterday

  • 2024年2月29日

force yourself to smile and you’ll have fun

Even if you don’t have anything interesting to say, lifting the corners of your mouth will ease your mind and make you smile naturally. It may be tiring at first, but you will feel very happy. M […]

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