• 2023年3月21日

switch your thinking time into a time to improve your skill

You can think all the time, but if you don’t act, you won’t make progress. Use your time effectively to improve your skills as much as possible. フェネック先生 悩む時間は短く、磨きをかける時間は長く

  • 2023年3月20日

preventing reduces future suffering

You can ruin your future for the sake of immediate ease. To avoid regrets in the future, prepare now. Mr.Fennec 予防をすれば、将来の苦しみは軽減される

  • 2023年3月19日

acquire knowledge before being deceived

To protect yourself from falling for their underhanded tricks and swell stories, it is essential to gain knowledge. Only daily study can protect you. Mr.Fennec ずる賢くだまされる前に、知識をみにつけよう

  • 2023年3月18日

sometimes failure is a message not to overdo it

The more you avoid failure, the less you will try anything. Take it as a good opportunity that failure has given you the chance to explore other avenues. Mr.Fennec 時に失敗は、無理をするなというメッセージ

  • 2023年3月16日

inflate your dream without fear of breaking

What cannot be imagined cannot be realized. So imagine your biggest dream to the fullest and make it come true. Mr.Fennec 割れたり萎むことを恐れず、夢を膨らまそう

  • 2023年3月16日

things must be done one by one

Don’t do multiple tasks at the same time. Start one thing, then finish one thing at a time. Mr.Fennec 物事は1つずつ成しとげよう

  • 2023年3月13日

mothers who do their best every day are strong

Doing the same thing day in and day out can be tiring and anxiety-provoking. But it is because of these hard-working mothers that children can grow up with peace of mind. Mr.Fennec 繰り返しの毎日でも、最善を尽くす母は強 […]

  • 2023年3月12日

you need to repeat effort to steal skills

There is much to learn about the techniques of successful people. Imitate where you can and improve your own techniques. Mr.Fennec 望んで努力を繰り返さなければ、技は盗めない

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